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TO funny. Lol, the openning song was so freakin awesome. lol im still laughing at this

I Protected All new all your base

And im protecting this too. This rules dude. Good job. 5/5

FireNuke responds:

and thats becasue you know talent when you see it. you are a truly great newgrounder brother XD

Lol, there are lots of sensitive men...

They are just gay lol. Good flash.

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ZOMG!!!ITS NUMBER2!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Yay! Number2! Hopin for a number three. Man people are retarded. Why do they expect an awesome groundbreaking game? The title even says pointless.... that means, at least to intelligent people, means that there is no story, just destruction. Whoever said anything otherwise should just get their account blammed, even though its not possible..... Once again great job!

BadFurDay responds:

Hehe thanks a lot :D

There's no nomber 3 for the moment, but check out my gallery on http://noblemeanimations.deviantart.com I have lots of cool pointless stuff there that didn't pass the portal ^^

Also, here will be a 10 level version in a big games gallery I'm coding right now...

I love the tetris

Tetris is such an awesome game. Anyone who hates tetris is a heathen who does not play videogames. I swear, if people do not like tetris because it is not "hentei tetris" then they should just slit their own wrists. Tetris is a good game period. Im going to every tetris game right now and giving it a 5 because of how awesome they are


Rythim_man told me to check out this game..... And i can see why! Sure there are no directions, but you have to be retarded not to figure this out. Its no problem if people complain that there are no directions, because they do not realize how fun this game really is

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BadFurDay responds:

Hehe thanks a lot :D

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So hows it going?

(see my other review... the two are the same right?) And both are great...
anyhoo... hows it going? Hows school?
How long ya in for? i want another song from you before you go back :(

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Rythim-Man responds:

I'm back already, but if I ever slip through the cracks again I'll be sure to upload a real nice one.


Is Link stuck in a cave? Oh wait its just another one of R-man's great songs.
(man it really does sound like a pirates cave!)
Anyhoo keep it up. And well... if you are still taking requests... how about another one like Flute Fall? Thats easily in my top 3 spots.... just make sure you have a flute and violin XD they sound so nice together....

Rythim-Man responds:

I might try that.

The Ocarina is a real instrument, it's not just in the Zelda game.

Thus, this song is an original, bearing no relation to Zelda. However I made it with intentions of it being capatible in an RPG like game.


Or should i say HoHoHo?
Good to see you backmy friend! Glad to hear more of your music...
ANd well... this may or may not be good news... but im thinking about making somemore music. One question though, is it illegal if i use sheet music to uhhh "help" me along? You know, just get the gist of the music then add my own flare?

and for some reason i cant get your website..... you sure thats the right link??>

Rythim-Man responds:

I'm already back, and lol I'm not suppose to be on here. I guess the computer forgot to block me this time. I am not sure, but I started off doing that too. Besides this is Newgrounds, u know how much of the audio here isn't original?

I'll check out the link while I can.

Favorite Audio Makers/Songs Rythim_man - Flute Fall Amatueranimator10 - Gilgamesh! Credit goes to these 2 for such awesome songs. Credit goes2 Rman for helping me with songs

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